Friday, December 10, 2010

BenQ Joybook S46 a cheap notebook with Nvidia Optimus integrated

A notebook that is integrated with Nvidia Optimus usually impressed expensive. But not so with the BenQ Joybook S46.

Joybook design is quite simple. Seen from the casing that wraps, no-frills impressive luxury. Apparently BenQ is relying on the features in this Joybook, along with a fairly large size, which satisfy the user's eyes.

Screen size is large enough, approximately 14 inches, equipped with a large enough resolution as well, reaching 1366x768 pixels. 8 millisecond response time and brightness to 200 nits. Because of the large size of the screen, the keypad buttons also adjust the space. In addition to flat shape, the size of each keypad is large enough so that makes comfortable typing process.

Joybook mainstay technology is the presence of an Intel Core I3 350 M, 2.26 GHz 3 MB cache. HM55 supported Intel chipset with Intel's HD graphics for displays and Integrated G310 graphics Nvidia CUDA 16 M and the processor capacity of 73 GFLOPS.

Nvidia graphics chips enough to contribute in terms of energy consumption, while also able to bring the display is quite bright, even to present the appearance of the 3D format though. Nvidia is the brand collateral for a display screen that is more alive in each notebook.

Joybook S46 Battery powered by lithium-ion 6-cell with a capacity of approximately 47 WHr or approximately 4300 mAh. BenQ claims the battery as it is able to produce endurance Joybook up to 4 hours while standby or remain lit.

Some features are integrated into the Joybook S46 is the flagship features that are often owned by any notebook. For example, support wireless connection wifi, optional Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, card reader 4-in-1, three USB 2.0 ports and an integrated webcam with 1.3 megapixel capacity.

Carried Joybook S46 Memory for DDR 3 approximately 2 to 4 GB with 320 GB HDD capacity, or approximately 5400 rpm. To operate the first time, users must install the operating system (OS) itself. Before you install another OS, Joybook will show an association with OS DOS devices.

If not included with the battery, the weight of the Joybook S46 is only approximately 1.95 kilograms.

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