Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ROPID the adorable humanoid can jump 3-inches into the air, sweep you off your feet

It's been a while since we've seen a humanoid robot this size do anything very new or interesting -- mostly they seem busy with their slow-mo dance moves -- but the new ROPID bot by Tomotaka Takahashi, the man behind Panasonic's Evolta bots, not only has a few new tricks up its plastic sleeves, but has personality to spare. The bot can rotate its upper torso, which seems to help immensely in keeping it balanced while jumping, running and skipping around. It's still the tried-and-true "bent knees" method of balance, but ROPID is "rapid" enough to make it look almost lifelike. The movements are expressive enough, but with some slightly articulated hands and a moving mouth, ROPID ups the adorable-ness factor over some of its nuts and bolts counterparts. ROPID can also respond to a few voice commands and speaks as well. Takahashi designed and built the bot himself, which makes us wonder what we've been doing with our lives that's so-very-important for the past couple of decades. Video of ROPID in action is after the break.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

CCTV Camera CCD sensor

CCTV surveillance cameras for indoor and outdoor
MINI CCD camera cctv

Small shape allows concealed.
Mic equipped so as to capture the sound around the camera.
This type uses 1 / 3 "SHARP SUPER HAD CCD Color image resulting in great good.
Although not equipped with IR LEDs, this camera can capture still images at lower light / dim.
The lens is very small, only 2 mm in diameter only (Pinhole Lens)
Rate includes the adapter.
• 1 / 3 "SHARP SUPER HAD CCD Color
• 420 TVL
• 0.2 Lux Min Illumination
• 3.7 mm Lens
• Power 12 VDC
• Aluminum die cast material
• Pinhole Lens
• Dimension: 3 cm x 3 cm
• Warranty 1 year
• Line Video & Audio RCA connector



2GB (400 + songs), without cable (not hung like any other MP3 player, gak pake ribet)

Be cool with sunglasses mp3, equipped with 2gb memory, you can listen to hundreds of songs nonstop 5 hours non-stop, a unique gadget both wrote nothing, suitable for those of you who like to travel or steering wheel once again block the sun, could he hear his favorite song you. It could also for her work in front of the computer, while reducing the light coming from the computer monitor.

• Supports music formats MP1, MP2, MP3, WMV, WMA, ASF, WAV.

• Polaroid polarizing lens imports trendy look, to see clearly.

• Glass can be rotated to the top (fold up) if you want to see without glasses.

• eye glass lens is also able to withstand the UV (ultraviolet). Want to bask in the sun while listening to music? no problem!

• Earphone its flexible, with stereo HIFI technology to volume 85 decibels, giving you high quality music. Hi-clarity - you do not voice heard through the audio on your PC you can hear very clearly here!

• Equipped with lithium battery that can play music up to 5-hours nonstop!

Spy Watch - Hidden Camera Watch models

Spy cameras, Spy Watch Camera, Hidden Camera, with the form of a watch with an attractive design, are difficult to identify as a camera. When recording there is no indicator light that burns so completely hidden. Capacity of 4 GB. Spotter watches the video recorder is the best in the world and can also record sound, full features with AVI format support videp viewed on Windows, and Linux Macintos. Dimension 52 x 52 x 17mm with a resolution of 640 x 480. The time and date can be displayed also in the picture.

Can serve as a regular flash disk. Plug and play, live plug into computer usb auto detect itself, does not need to install the software and can direct diplay.

Included in the package: watch, usb cable, charger, user guide for usage, dus.

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